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HOUSE MUSICのDJとして、数々のPARTYのオーガナイズとDJ活動を行い、03年に自身の看板PARTYである『UP BEAT!』を立ち上げる。
その活動は今もロングランしつづけ今年15周年を迎える。国内外のトップアーティストを招いてコラボレーションし、現在もUPPER HOUSEの代名詞PARTYとして『UP BEAT!』は数多くのオーディエンスを盛り上げている。
ATFC,DAVID PENN ,CUBEGUYS, HarryRomero, Roger Sanchez, Mark Knightなど数々のアーティストを招致して現在の日本のハウスパーティーシーンを引っ張るまでに至る。2018年にパーティー連動型レーベル「HOUSETRIBE RECORDINGS」を始動。ワールドワイドなレーベルを目指して活動している。

As the dj of House music, hold so many events and also himself acts in those parties. In 2003, as one of his main events started to hold the event called "UP BEAT!".
Still acting as a dj and this year is the 15th year of his career.
In Japan and also outside from Japan he has invited so many top artists and collaborated with them.
In these days, at his organized party  "UP BEAT", famous for the Upper House, he's making the crowds going crazy with the music.
In 2015, he started new events, HOUSETRIBE at Womb and Fact at Womb.
So far he has worked with ATFC,DAVID PENN,CUBEGUYS,HarryRomero,Roger Sanchez,Marknight and so on.
He's leading the scene of House Music here in Japan.
In 2018, he started the new label called "HOUSETRIBE RECORDINGS" and he's aiming to make this label being known by so many people all around the world.
About the play style, he's putting importance on the groove using House and Tech House musics and has acted  before the main dj for making the atmosphere.
His play always catches people's mind and it's obvious that he's one of the best DJs of House music in next generation.
His schedule is quite tight, more than 120 a year he plays and organizes parties and at the same time producing music he itself.

Night Dancer


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